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Deerghayu Himalayan Natural Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (Black Mustard)

Deerghayu Himalayan Natural Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (Black Mustard)
Deerghayu Himalayan Natural Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (Black Mustard)
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Deerghayu Organics' Black Mustard Oil is the ideal epitome of purity, health, and organic goodness. Our cold-pressed black mustard oil is meticulously crafted to preserve the natural essence of mustard seeds and offers you an unmatched culinary and wellness experience.

The highest-grade mustard seeds, which are responsibly acquired from natural farms around Rajasthan, are used to make cold-pressed mustard oil (also known as black mustard).

Cold pressing refers to pressing at a temperature below 45 °C. Without the use of artificial agents, it is extracted mechanically using ancient methods and a wooden ghani. 

Our cold-pressed black mustard oil is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen and wellness routine. Vitamins A and E, calcium, alpha omega 3 fatty acids, and omega 6 fatty acids are all abundant in black mustard oil. It is flavorful, all-natural, and has excellent health advantages that have been demonstrated.

With the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, Deerghayu Organics brings you a product that elevates your meals while providing numerous health benefits.

With its characteristic pungent aroma and intense taste, it adds depth and complexity to your dishes, enhancing the overall gastronomic experience.

Deerghayu’s organic mustard oil is a versatile ingredient that perfectly complements a wide range of cuisines. Its numerous health benefits include promoting cardiovascular health, aiding digestion, and boosting immunity, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Experience the essence of cold-pressed and pure mustard oil and elevate your culinary adventures with Deerghayu Organics. Trust in our commitment to quality and authenticity, and let the purity of our organic mustard oil transform your meals into memorable masterpieces.

Key Benefits:

  • These mustard seeds are sourced directly from Rajasthan and wood pressed at under 45°C, ensuring that the oil retains all the nutrients from the original oilseed
  • Mustard oil is a staple in all Indian kitchens, hence the versatile nature of cold-pressed mustard oil allows for aromatic takas and flavorful curries
  • Cold-pressed mustard oil is a great cleansing agent to unclog pores and stimulate sweat glands. It is also a great conditioner for maintaining healthy and nourished hair
  • Mustard Oil can be used for deep massages, which help relieve aches and pains while also strengthening your body from the inside
  • Inhaling steam with mustard oil or massaging it onto your chest are both effective ways to combat various respiratory ailments

Directions For Use:

  • It can be used for cooking and applying on skin and hair.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Use it before 270 days from the date of manufacturing 
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